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6 Ways to Beat Distractions and Maintain Focus at Work

Distraction kills productivity, you can be sure that there will always be plenty of them, especially in this era of social media and improved devices. It is easy to actually lose focus and pay less attention to tasks at work with loads of information constantly popping up your news feed. You waste a great deal of time reading the latest headlines, looking up sports scores, checking out the latest fashion trend or ordering new things online, and just when you are about to start doing something meaningful with your time, a co-worker becomes the new distraction.

Focus is simply your centre of interest or activity. It means paying particular attention to something (this could be your given assignment at work).

Why is focus so important for workplace success and productivity?

When you are focused, all gateway to your thinking ability is open. Leaving room for a clearer perception, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. You will be able to handle each task efficiently.

If you have difficulty staying focused at work, here are 5 tips to help you eliminate distraction and boost productivity.

Set Clear Goals

Depending on your job description, make a habit of setting clear goals; that is, what you have been assigned to do and how you intend to achieve them at the end of the day. This will help narrow your focus to the important stuff. Learn how to prioritize your tasks, sort the important stuff from the not-so-important ones.

Use Reminders

Set up pop-up task reminders on your phone/PC or write them on a paper and stick it to your desk or wall where you can see it clearly.

Make Alone-Times a Routine

Make out time to assess and re-evaluate your performances at work (This could be once a week or twice a month). Ask for feedback or appraisals from your boss or colleagues. This will help you keep yourself on check and make adjustments where necessary.

Get Rid Of the Distractions from Your Work Zone

If you allow your attention to constantly jump from one trivial thing to the other, you will be distracted from the important things you should be doing and your day will be busy but unproductive try not to jump at the slightest notification on your phone, if possible put your phone on silent. Responding to one message or email may find you 30 minutes later scrolling through your Instagram news feed aimlessly. Have a distinct time to check and respond to your emails/messages. Reserve your scanning the internet for break times.

Set Deadlines

Learn to set deadlines for yourself.  Decide on what you need to do at a time, set a time limit and do it consistently until you achieve good results. Setting deadlines will give you a sense of urgency.

Rest Enough

Do not underestimate the power of resting your body. You are not a superman or woman or are you? As you create time to work, also create time to sleep enough and rest. Having adequate rest will enhance better focus for the next task.

Feel free to share with us in the comment section how you manage to keep your focus at work.

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