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7 Interesting Ideas To Spice Up Your Lunch Breaks

What do you do with your 60 minutes lunch break?

Clicking and laughing at funny memes/comments on social media? Sitting quietly in one corner devouring that chunk of meat? Hurriedly clearing out your plate and rushing back to your desk? Or perhaps you are that person who often skip breaks because you have a lot on your table.

Your body is not a machine, it gets fatigued and needs rest once in a while. If you don’t make good use of those few minutes you get off work, your physical wellbeing, productivity, creativity and focus will suffer. There are many interesting ways to spend your breaks besides eating and keeping your eyes glued to your smartphone.

Check out these 7 lunch break ideas:

  1. Take an actual break: Dashing off and returning to your desk after 10 minutes won’t cut it. When it is time for break, it is time for break! Try not to check your e-mails or bring work with you to the lunch room. 60 minutes off work won’t hurt, try it.
  2. Don’t eat alone: Stop eating all by yourself! Lunch break is a good opportunity to chit chat with your colleagues, network and relate better with the people in your office outside work hours. This creates a bond that improves working relationships.
  3. Give yourself a treat more often: You only live once! Don’t be the rice and beans person all the time because you are cutting your budget. Once in a while, treat yourself to something new. There are many low-cost healthy meals you can chow on. If you have a favourite meal(s), make sure to enjoy it at least once a week. However, eat light and healthy. Don’t take in more than your body can handle, remember it is lunch time, not closing hour. You still need to switch back to work mode.
  4. Take power naps: I must warn, this is not for everyone. A lot of people work better when they take short power naps at intervals especially when they experience a mental block. If you can handle a 5-10 minutes power nap without feeling groggy then this is for you.
  5. Watch movies or read a book: Use your lunchtime to catch up on new movies or TV series. This could also spur discussions with your colleagues. Get that book you have been dying to read and read it.
  6. Check-in on your side hustle: Do you have a business going for you aside from your day job? This is the right time to check-in on your business (using your mobile devices) without feeling like you are cheating on your office work hours.
  7. Take a walk: Take a quick walk after lunch before returning to your desk. This will help you burn calories, reduce stress and lighten up your mood.

How do you spend your lunch breaks? Please drop your comments below!

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