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Why You Should Consider an Internship While Job Hunting

Yet to land a job? Why layabout at home waiting for that fantastic job when you can gain so much working as an intern? The harsh reality is that even with the fancy certificates and good academic performance, getting a good job in this Nigeria’s current economic condition is hard. Perfect jobs with a superb pay are hard to come by, especially for candidates with little or no work experience. Additionally, most employers do not want to waste time and resources hiring people who don’t know their left from right, they are looking for employees who will get the job done.

In the face of all these, you must learn and develop useful skills while getting relevant experience that will help you land a good job offer. If you are about rounding off your studies, waiting for NYSC mobilization or just back from service, waste no moment, send out applications to companies that offer internship opportunities whether they are paid or not.

You stand to gain the following:

  1. Learn the rudiments of the professional world:

An internship will give you on-the-job training opportunities to learn the rudiments of working in a corporate environment and derive valuable industry knowledge. As an intern, you will be exposed to learning the acceptable work ethics, how to carry yourself professionally and the basic unwritten rules of workplace relationships.

  1. Cash in on available job opportunities:

If your performance is impressive as an intern, you get a shot at being retained as a full-time employee. Even if you do not get retained in the long run, internship offers you the opportunity to build a professional network, meet important people and generally evaluate your job prospects. Staying at home cannot give you such exposure.

  1. Acquire valuable skills:

Interning will help you develop and build on the skills you already have. While you get to acquire technical skills theoretically in school or through professional courses, getting practical knowledge of those technical skills and acquiring soft skills important for workplace success can only be learned and nurtured hands-on. It gives you the opportunity to learn at the coal face, how to relate with co-workers, how to function as a member of a team, adapt to a fast-changing work environment, problem-solving skills, etc.

  1. Build your professional confidence:

Working as an intern builds your confidence in a professional setting. It reduces the phobia of failing at a new job which new intakes usually experience as they start their career. It makes you believe more in your skills and capability to add value and be a functional member of an organization once you start working as a full-time employee.

  1. Reference:

When you do good work as an intern, it is easy to get recommendations for job placements outside of the company you’re interning for.

How it works:

Internship programs can be paid or unpaid depending on the employer and the job description of the intern. Most employers provide stipends which usually cover feeding and transportation.

Always remember that this is a serious employment relationship just as any full-time gig. Be ready to work, learn and amass as much experience as you can, be proactive, ask your direct supervisor for work to do if you are not adequately engaged, and pay attention to what senior staff are doing because that’s going to be you in a few months or years.

Some employers may choose to retain you if you satisfy them with your performance, so give it your best shot!

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