Good maintenance in the organization helps reduce downtime while providing for the most effective use of facilities and manpower in order to achieve the desired objectives at the lowest possible cost. This workshop, apart from attending to specific maintenance areas also cover relevant topics that would give strategies to be designed and implemented in the maintenance of physical assets of the organization..



Maintenance managers, Supervisors, Engineers, Technicians/Operatives, Property managers, Project managers and those who find the programme relevant.



At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

»    Apply principles of and procedures of maintenance management/PDM

»    Enhance their technical and supervisory skills

»    Apply new methods and techniques for solving common problems associated with facilities maintenance management.

»    Improved commitment to total quality services with a view to providing innovative, timely, efficient and cost effective engineering services that add value to productivity.

»    Formulate strategies for the maintenance of physical assets of the organization.

»    Prepare maintenance management budget and reduce break-down time of plants and machinery.

»    Evaluate contracts and the use of contractors.



»    Facilities Maintenance Management : An Overview

»    Scope of facilities maintenance Management:

     - Engineering services and core values

     - Maintenance of Building and Building Facilities

     - Janitorial Services

     - Space Management / Planning

     - Security Management

     - Fleet Management

     - Public Facilities Maintenance Management

»    Designing effective maintenance policy and strategy

»    Assets identification and coding

»    Keeping Fixed Assets Records, Invoice, Ledgers

»    Fault recognition and recording

»    Maintenance budgeting and cost control

»    Condition monitoring, documentation and work orders

»    Tools/workshop management

»    Scheduling, programming and work control

»    Project supervision and management

»    Employees’ motivation and leadership management

»    Time management in maintenance

»    Contracts and use of contractors.

»    Store and spare management

»    Building an effective maintenance culture

»    Health, Safety & Environment in Facilities

Date: October 10 - 13, 2017 (Lagos), October 17 - 20, 2017 (Abuja)

Location: 2 - Ostra Hall & Hotel, Lagos   |   1 - Royal Tropicana Hotel, Abuja  |  MAAS Central Hotel, P/ H

Course Fees: N105,000 + VAT

Training Provider: Human Capital Associates


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