Most people assume that being a manager comes naturally by having power derived from being the boss controlling resources, having access to information and being able to command and control other people. Management has changed, managers today must be able to analyze and control resources. This program is designed for new and existing first line managers and team leadership with responsibilities of managing people for organizational productivity.



Senior supervisors, Assistant managers/Middle managers and newly promoted managers and those Admin. officers being prepared to managerial position.



At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

»    Apply the principles and concepts of modern management techniques.

»    Develop leadership and assertiveness skills.

»    Communicate effectively

»    Apply appropriate leadership style for result oriented management

»    Motivate subordinates for improved productivity

»    Acquire skills needed to be an effective manager

»    Appreciate the current forces shaping management practice today and for the future



»    Understanding The Management Concept : An Overview

     - Principles and Application

»    The role of the manager

     - The roles & Responsibilities of the first line manager

     - Understanding and Managing Your team members

     - Identifying the right type of support and development

     - Management skills for motivating and engaging the team

»    Developing Effective Communication Skills

     - Communicating clear direction and instructions

     - Impact of verbal and non verbal communication

»    Managing performance through effective feedback

     - Purpose and benefits of giving and receiving feedback

     - Models for giving constructive and motivational feedback

»    Developing Good Coaching/Mentoring skills

     - Identifying opportunities for coaching

     - Questioning techniques using the GROW process

     - Active listening, summarizing and reflecting back

»    Developing Effective Delegation skills

     - Skills and process of effective delegation

     - Benefits of delegating tasks

»    Developing Team Building Skills

     - Team Process and Team Building

»    Developing Leadership Skills

     - Understanding Different Types of Leadership

     - Applying Action Centered Leadership for Results

     - Case Studies

Date: September 4th- 6th, 2017

Location: 2 - Ostra Hall & Hotel, Lagos   |   1 - Royal Tropicana Hotel, Abuja

Course Fees: N84,000 + VAT

Training Provider: Human Capital Associates


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