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June, 2016

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5 Difficult Personalities You Will Find in Any Workplace

The office environment is a mix of all kinds of people with different personality traits brought together for one purpose alone- to work towards achieving the common goal of Read More

Where Was Natural Gas Pipelines First Used?

bambooDid you know that the first recorded use of pipelines to transport natural gas was in China over 2500 years ago? The Chinese formed bamboo pipelines and used it to transport natural gas from shallow wells and mixed it with air to yield a usable source of fuel for fires. The fire was used to boil seawater to separate the salt, and make the water drinkable.

A significant improvement of pipeline technology took place in the 18th and 19th century, when cast-iron pipes and steel pipes were made and used to transport natural gas and oil over long distances.


Seaports in Nigeria

seaportsIn Nigeria, the regulatory body that controls all seaports is the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). According to NPA the ports in Nigeria are:

1) Western Ports

2) Onne Port Complex

3) Delta Port Complex

4) Calabar Port Complex and

5) Rivers Port Complex

Last week we talked about the Lagos Port Complex, Tin Can Island Port Complex and Onne Port. This week we would be continuing with Rivers Port, Calabar Port and Delta Port.

The Rivers Port Complex

The Rivers Port Complex situated in coastal Rivers State comprises Port Harcourt Port, Okrika Refined Petroleum Oil Jetty, Haastrup/Eagle Bulk Cement Jetty, Kidney Island Jetty, Ibeto Jetty, Macobar Jetty and Bitumen Jetty.

Read More

The ROV Pilot

Interested in steering the subterranean activities in the industry? Perhaps you should consider a career as an ROV Pilot! Read More

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4 Things Every Employee Wants To Hear From their Boss

As a boss, how your employees feel about you can negatively or positively affect the growth of the business. Therefore, it is very important that you treat the people who work with you, with the same respect you expect from them.

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The Busiest Waterway in the World

waterwysJust like we have highways that vehicles ply on a daily basis, ships/ vessels also have waterways that they take to get to their various destinations. The English Channel (also called The Channel) is the busiest waterway in the world.

It is a 350 mile long arm of the Atlantic Ocean that covers an area of 29,000 square miles, and it is situated between the south coast of the United Kingdom and the north coast of France.

The Channel sees over 500 ships of all types- cargo, passenger, military, naval, coastguard, cruise ship, oil tanker, fishing boat, and ferry – passing through its waters on a daily basis. This number not even inclusive of many private yachts, pleasure craft, tour boats, dredgers, other small working vessels and small commercial and private fishing boats that also clog up its waters.

The World’s Oldest Producing Oil Well

mclintockSomewhere in north western Pennsylvania, roughly 70 miles north of Pittsburgh in the United States of America, there is an oil well still up and going even after 150 years.

McClintock No. 1 is the oldest producing oil well in the world. It was originally drilled in 1861 and was producing about 175 barrels per day. Even amidst falling crude prices, the well seems to be invincible as it still produces between 1 -10 barrels of oil a day.

Currently, its small amount of petroleum production is sold to a fuel company to make motor oil.

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