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5 Behaviors That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

Missed targets, forgery, theft or negligence are not the only misconducts that will get you fired from your workplace.  Even minor mistakes that you think does not matter could cost you your job. Therefore, it is very important that you are cautious in everything you do and do it well.

If you want to keep receiving that pay cheque, Avoid the following:

  1. Breaking Company’s Written And Unwritten Rules

Every company has rules guiding the business and the conduct of its employees. However, many employers do not take it lightly when these rules are broken and this could jeopardize your job.

When starting a new job, learn both the written and unwritten rules of the company. Observe how things are done and you could even request for assistance from your co-workers who have been there long before you. Do your best to follow and maintain the company’s guidelines.

  1. Hiding Important Information

Whenever you are faced with a dilemma related to your work, inform your supervisor and do not keep it a secret. This is to prevent the situation from escalating or getting out of hand. Do not keep valuable information to yourself especially when it is about the company.

Likewise keeping silent when a colleague or boss is doing something that is detrimental to the business, just because you feel it is none of your business. This is very wrong, in doing so you could also be labelled an accomplice especially if it is a case of theft or forgery.

  1. Dating A Co Worker

Many people are not aware that they could lose their jobs because of this. Make sure you know what your company’s policy says about affairs with co-workers, even if there is no policy, consider the possible consequences of dating your colleague and if it will pose a problem to the both of you. As much as possible, try not to associate your love life with work.

  1. Misuse Of Social Media

Many people have lost their jobs because of indicting posts on social media platforms. We know that technological advancements have made it easier for people to leave comments and opinions in public places, but posting inappropriate things about your company is very wrong. Keep in mind that you are a representative of your company and when you post something derogatory or offensive you are also tarnishing the name of your company and this may lead to your dismissal.

  1. Using Company Time And Resources To Search For A New Job

If you have decided you need a change of job and need to search for available jobs online, never use your work computer, e-mail account or cell phone to search for a new job. You don’t need a fortune teller to tell you what will happen if you are discovered.

Don’t spread the news that you are looking for a new job in the office, this might come back to bite and you may end up losing your current job when you have not even received a new offer.

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