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6 Tips to Nail That Aptitude Test

What is a job aptitude test?

This is an exam-like test designed to assess candidates’ skills and abilities, e.g. behavioral skills, verbal reasoning, people skills, problem-solving skills, critical reasoning capacity etc.

With thousands of candidates applying for a single job posting, employers use this test to weed out unqualified candidates. This will enable them to select candidates for the next stage of the hiring process – usually the Interview. They organize aptitude test when recruiting especially entry-level positions.

If you are looking to take up an entry-level position in a company, expect an aptitude test. Good performance during this test will automatically launch you into the next phase of the recruitment process.

Here are 6 tips to help you pass any aptitude test:



Just like in any other exam, if you really want to pass an aptitude test, you must prepare well. Employers who schedule tests for candidates, usually notify them by text messages/phone calls/emails giving one or two weeks’ advance. This is long enough time for you to prepare for it.

Find out the type of test it will be. Search engines like Google are your best bet for finding what type of questions to expect. Either use the company name to search for aptitude test formats or use the job title to search question formats. For example:- “GUS Consulting’s aptitude test questions” or “Sample aptitude test questions for Administrative Assistant”. Another way to get sample questions is by asking friends who might have a clue or visit sites like CareerHubAfrica to get insights.

Practice the test questions

As soon as you get your hands on the test questions, try solving as many of them as you can. Don’t cheat yourself! It is allowed to make mistakes, keep practicing, that way you will be able to figure out your weak areas and improve on them.


Arm yourself with the necessary tools

Make sure you go to the test with everything you will need. E.g. a working wristwatch, writing materials (pen, plain sheets of paper, pencil, eraser, ruler etc.), and a calculator.

Read the instructions properly

To avoid overlooking or misinterpreting questions, do not jump right into the answer box! First, read through and understand the questions/instructions at least two times before attempting to answer.

Be quick and smart

Writing aptitude tests require smartness. These tests are usually timed (between 30 to 60 seconds per question). You must be able to answer your questions smartly, quickly and accurately.

The trick is to solve the ones that are simple first. Except for a computer-based aptitude test where you are required to complete a question before jumping to another. If you happen to come across a difficult question, don’t waste your time on it.  Instead, move on to other questions and come back to it later.

Answer as many questions as you can. Even if you cannot answer everything – which will most likely be the case – don’t get frustrated. The most important thing is to correctly answer the ones you can.

Be careful while answering multiple choice questions

If the test questions are in a multiple-choice format, you need to be very careful when writing down your answers. Some questions appear direct but are not, they are designed to confuse you. Often accompanied with incorrect options that include common mistakes that candidates make. Read carefully and understand these questions before answering.

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