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5 Cool Ways to Appreciate Your Team for Being Awesome

Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have.

Every leader needs a team that can come together to nail every project as they come. Leading a team of unconcerned people who care less about the timely execution or effective completion of tasks can be frustrating especially when you have a target to meet. Therefore, you shouldn’t take for granted, the fact that you work with a group of people who put their best foot forward whenever duty beckons.

Have you ever taken a moment to reflect on the different ways to say thank you to your fabulous team other than firing off a cliché mass email? ‘Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving.’ Here are a few go-to ideas for you.

Use specific verbal expressions

By saying a verbal thank you, we don’t mean the generic ‘nice job’ or ‘great job’ you dish out at the end of every project. Try something more in-depth like tailoring individual thank you message to their unique gifts, accomplishments, and contributions to making the team work a success. This proves more valuable compared to vague compliments. Mention specific occasions and possibly paint a specific picture of the behavior you would love to see replicated.

Group movies work wonders

At a convenient time, arrange to take the group out for movies at the cinema. This fun period allows for easy bonding of all group members which fosters a better working relationship and an atmosphere of mutual trust and happy coexistence. Just the perfect recipe to foster teamwork and better productivity.

Free lunch at work

How about ordering food in for all team members for a successful job well done? This sure will be perfect on a Friday as everyone is in a jolly-thank-god-it’s-Friday mode. If it fits into your budget, then go ahead and crown the day with a chocolate cake and a bottle of grape wine.

Thank you cards never run out of vogue

Another way this can be done is by writing special individual thank you cards and signing them in your name. You can hand them personally to your team members or place them on their tables as a surprise.

Allow your team the honor of presenting the work to the boss

Stepping aside as the leader and giving your team members a chance to show off their work to the boss is a sure way of giving them some bragging rights. This is an intrinsic reward that motivates better future actions and attitude towards team collaboration and work in general.

Try something different! Trust us, it will boost team performance.

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