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Basic Questions You Should Ask During Your Performance Review

Performance review is an important part of every employee’s work life, this is the time for you to discuss your performance on the job, your performance goals, and organisational priorities and also how you can improve your work performance with your reviewer/reviewers. This is usually done quarterly, bi-annually, or annually depending on the organisational preference.

Most employees dread this process, but this is not something you should be afraid of, it is actually the best time for you to get concrete feedback from your employer and in most cases your colleagues as well. You don’t have to sit there and listen to what your reviewer/reviewers have to say, answer questions when asked and then walk away. You should go in to the review armed with good questions and also make sure you receive concrete feedback so as to improve your work performance.

Here are few questions to ask during a performance review:

What did I do well in the period under review?

Whether the review was good or bad it’s important that you know the areas in which you excelled. This will give you a confidence boost especially if you had a negative mark, it also gives you the opportunity to know your areas of strength.

What areas do I need to work on?

Find out from your reviewer/reviewers the areas you are not doing well so as to allow you improve on them. You can also find out what you need to do and if there are additional projects or specific opportunities that would give you the opportunity to grow in those areas.

What new skills do I need to develop?
This will help you develop your career and do your job well. Find out the skills you need to acquire in order to give your best.

Always listen carefully and use this opportunity to engage your reviewer in a discussion. Focus on getting enough feedback.

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