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How to Become a Draughtsman

Should I become a Draughtsman?

If you love transforming ideas into images and drawings, drafting may just be the career for you! So who exactly is a Draughtsman? Read further to find out.

The Job

A Draughtsman also known as a draftsman is someone who creates technical drawings. He takes ideas, sketches, and concepts from engineers and turns them into detailed and accurate final plans. These designs are blueprints designs for the construction of homes, buildings, bridges, industrial equipment, consumer electronics wiring for power plants, or oil and gas projects.

While it is expected that a Draughtsman should be good with hand drawings, he will also need to make use of computer software such as AutoCAD, Revit, etc. to convert the plans, and layouts of engineers and architects from the preliminary design concept to a set of technical drawings that serves as a template for the work. He fills in all the details specifying dimensions, materials and procedures then the drawings are used to create structures, tools or machines.

Entry Requirements

Having completed your O-level with credits in English, mathematics, science, and computer technology, you can proceed to the University for a Degree in engineering, architecture, info tech, fine arts or get a diploma in 3D design, fine arts, drafting and design from a technical college.  You will also need to acquire good computer skills.

After acquiring good academic qualifications, you will be able to gain employment either as a Trainee or entry-level Draughtsman. Asides full-time employment, another way to gain industry experience is to do an internship with an engineering firm.

Training and Certification

Enroll in courses that will give you both theoretical and practical knowledge of drafting.

To advance in this career you need to keep your knowledge up to date through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Take training courses in 2D and 3D Computer Aided Designs then apply for engineering technician registration with the Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering. Becoming certified increases your job opportunities.

Working Conditions and Salary

A Draughtsman usually works in architectural offices, manufacturing companies, engineering firms, CAD-specific work-groups, construction companies, engineering consultancy firms etc. He does not work in isolation, rather he teams up with engineers, architects or industrial designers in construction sites. This career involves spending a lot of time on the drawing board or in front of computers doing detailed technical work.

Salary ranges from N100,000 to N300,000 monthly depending on the company but a self-employed Draughtsman may be paid hourly or daily depending on the nature of the contract with the client.

Career Progression

Here experience, advanced qualifications, and skills are key.

As a Junior Draughtsman, you will start from making technical drawings for components or small sections of a project, and grow into a Senior Draughtsman moving into a management position where you will supervise an entire project and overall design.

With your level of experience, you can enter related fields such as engineering, architecture, industrial design, interior design, exhibit design, landscape design, set design, and animation or go independent (as in being your own boss).

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