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20 Tips for First-Time Managers

Congratulations you have just been promoted to your first managerial position! As you celebrate this new role, keep in Read More

Why Do We Need Soft Skills? (Video)

Employers always look out for workers with strong soft skills, these are qualities not listed in the job posting, but are very essential for the job. Being technically sound is not enough Read More

How Important Is A Job Reference?

recommendShould I include references in my CV? Why should I give an employer a reference? Why are references important in the hiring process? These are typical questions often asked by jobseekers regarding job references. Many of which are never answered. In this article, CareerHubAfrica will attempt to answer these questions and help you realize the importance of having a job reference.

What is a Job Reference?

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Top 7 Questions to Expect From Your Interviewer

questionEvery interviewer has a different approach to the hiring process and their questions may differ. Nevertheless there are certain questions that often reoccur at every job interview, the wordings may be different, but the basics will always be the same.

CareerHubAfrica has narrowed down the most commonly asked questions to help you get prepared for that next job interview!

Here is what you should expect: Read More

Work from home or office…Is Nigeria Ready?

The world has changed a lot in the last 150 years, digital technology and innovations in the Read More

How to Write a Resignation Letter (with samples)

That’s it, I’m outta here! Are you tempted to write your resignation letter this way? Remember, whether you are leaving your employer on good terms or not, it is only proper that you submit a formal letter of resignation and do it the right way.

Giving up a position is a part of our career journey which we cannot avoid. Therefore, when you resign never go about it the wrong way because, when you submit an unconventional letter, you leave behind a bad impression with the people you worked with and this may come back to bite you.

Below are two samples of unconventional resignation letters! Read More

Feeling Stuck…..How Do You Rekindle Passion for Your Work?

Do you feel like your job is gradually becoming meaningless? Do you feel like you are trapped in your job and being forced to do what you don’t want to? or do you find yourself Read More

Career Development in the Workplace

Career development is a continuous process of evaluating your interests, values, skills and preferences, exploring life, work and learning options available and taking necessary action to ensure that your work fits with your personal circumstances and goals.

The process of career development, though your prime responsibility, needs reasonable level of input and support from your organization and your manager(s).

Below are the roles of these key-players in achieving your career goals


People are the most important resource an organization has, therefore, it becomes imperative that organizations take care of their employees and give them an opportunity to grow. It is the obligation of an organization to address the ambitions of its employees and create job positions where they can accommodate their growing ambitions. They should create a conducive environment that encourages learning and spurs employees to develop new capabilities that build long-term careers and add greater value to the organization.


To grow and develop your career, you have to identify the need, and in doing this, you have to ask and answer some vital questions like- “where was I in my career a couple of years back?” “Am I still in the same position and earning the same salary as I was then?” If the answer is in the affirmative, then it is time to set in motion the career development process discussed below, in order to take full control of your career and succeed eventually.

1. Create and Maintain an Active Individual Career Development Plan

As with all efforts, you must be clear about your direction when you develop your career plan. You don’t take a road trip without knowing your destination. At this stage, it will be very important to ask yourself more questions about “where you want to be in the next few years careerwise?” This will lead you to take a personal gap analysis to determine what qualifications and skills you will need to get you where you want to be in the future. Do you need to acquire certain certifications or qualifications? How long will it take you to accomplish this? Where will you get them? Who do you need on your side? How can you get your boss on board? How can you network? What kind of work can you do now to prepare yourself for this transition?

When you have answered the above questions, you now have your list of career development goals and you can now work towards this. It is important that you don’t make goals for the sake of making them, or based on someone else’s opinion. You need a goal that is compelling, one that will motivate you into action.

2.  Participate in Continuous Learning Through On-The-Job Development

What kind of commitment are you willing to make for yourself and your career? If sitting around and wishing for a big change has not gotten you anywhere, make a new resolution to take action! Take up career counselling, career coaching, training or classes to hone new skills and credentials directed towards achieving your career goals. Consider this as a much-needed investment just like a “laptop upgrade”.


Managers should make employee development and training an integral aspect of ongoing operations and work with employees to achieve their career development goals. The Manager should coach employees through real-time feedback and promotion of on-the-job development to achieve the Individual Development Plan of the organisation. He should serve as a mentor and resource to employees.

Taking the time to celebrate your achievements is just as important as charting out your path to success. Without acknowledging your accomplishments and properly paying them respect, you are likely to miss the fact that they ever really happened. So celebrate your milestone successes in your career development journey.

Make a move today to develop your career!

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