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Employee Skill Sets: Are You A Problem Solver?

Are you a problem-solver? Are you an active member of your team? Do you propose solutions to identified problems? Every employer wants an employee who will bring solutions and not one that will create or compound problems for the company.

Problem solving is an important part of every job and has a direct impact on professional effectiveness. Problem solvers are good thinkers, they hardly get emotional or freak out when confronted with problems rather they see them as challenges and find ways to resolve them. Good problem solvers use a combination of intuition (which has to do with our emotions and instincts) and logic (has to do with our reasoning and thinking ability) to come up with their solutions.

They are usually open minded, listen to constructive criticism and explore all possible options in order to come up with a solution.

Want to be a good problem solver, here are steps to guide you:

  • Identify the problem: Recognize that there is a problem and find out what it is.
  • Never get emotional: Emotions get you attached to the problem and you will not be able to see it from a logical point of view.
  • Think out of the box: Try looking at solutions from different angles. Explore different options, your first solution might not be the final.
  • List out all the potential solutions you came up with and analyse them carefully
  • Based on your evaluation, choose the best solution
  • Document the information you have
  • Present this to your boss/team leader so you both can go through it again
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