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Here’s How Your Mobile Phone Is Killing Your Productivity At Work

70% of workers spend a large part of their 8-hour workday doing things other than…well work! Mobile phones are one of those other ‘things’. They have become a major source of distraction for employees especially if the office is mostly comprised of young people. Yes! Mobile phones are no longer just luxuries but a vital piece of business equipment in today’s business world. But, while these gadgets help make work easier, they also cause a significant distraction and affects the quality of work.

Many people are so attached to their phones that it has become an integral part of their being. You know there is actually a name for this – nomophobia.

If you are so addicted to your phone you are unknowingly letting that tiny piece become your biggest productivity killer at work.

Here’s what nomophobia does to your work life:

It inhibits your efficiency:

Even if you do not realize soon enough, constant notifications disturb your thought process making it difficult to pay attention for long to creatively complete a task you started. You may feel like you are super productive because you are multitasking but you are actually slowing down your work. When there are so many things calling for your attention at the same time, chances are you can never be as productive as you should be.

It can cause workplace hazards:

If you happen to work with machinery and heavy equipment, mobile phones are deathtraps you must avoid.  Allowing yourself get distracted by a couple of texts and pings while operating machines, can cause you or people around you serious injuries.

It sends the wrong message:

When you are constantly engrossed in your phone, you send a wrong message to both your lower level co-workers and superiors. You show them that your mobile device is more important to you than your job. This is not good for business, it encourages a carefree attitude at work.

It messes up your priorities:

When you focus so much on your phone, you find it difficult deciding what is more important at the moment. You misplace priorities and pay undue attention to the things that are not urgent, important or even related to your job description.

It kills your social connection at work:

During lunch breaks when you should be relaxing and getting along with your co-workers, you are rather engrossed in virtual chats and constantly checking and refreshing your emails. It ruins the chances of creating meaningful relationships with co-workers which makes the workplace more friendly and success-prone.

So how do you stop this from happening?

Keep your phones away from sight when you need to get work done that way, you can get all the focus you need. However, if you cannot get over the temptation of touching your phone, draw up a simple schedule. You can decide what time to put the phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode and when to actually take a break to browse through your favorite apps.

Hope this helps!

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