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Here’s Why You Should Never Be the First to Initiate the Salary Discussion

Never bring up the salary question before an employer does, instead, let them name the first number. You may scare the employer away especially if your numbers are too high and they cannot afford you.

Here is another reason – If your numbers are lower than your market value, the employer will either think you are not fit for the job or give you what you want and you might end up regretting it later.  It is always advisable to allow the employer to raise the question of salary first or offer you the job. That way you can latch onto the offer and negotiate from that place of security.

Here’s what to do when you are made an offer and you are not comfortable with the numbers:

  1. Know your worth and don’t be afraid to ask for it – Be sure to research how much your job is worth in the market before you start negotiating. When you negotiate, do it firmly and with self-confidence. You can never lose the offer because you negotiated, you can only lose it if you don’t handle the process properly. That is why you should do your research very well before you set out to do this.
  2. Be enthusiastic, polite and professional during the negotiations
  3. Try negotiating other things in the compensation package other than salary. This includes flexible hours, resources you’ll need to do the job, or even perks.
  4. Don’t be pushy, that will make the employer think that you are only interested in the money.
  5. Convince the employer that you are worth the increase. Show them how valuable your skills and experience are.
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