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Key Factors that Affect Employees’ Productivity

You hired capable hands to get the job done, in fact you even have more employees than your competitors, yet you achieves less results. Well this could be as a result of low employee output, as an employer you need to be aware of the various factors that affects your employees’ performance and work on ways to improve them at all times. Providing your employees with the right tools to grow, and devising a winning strategy for employee development will make them more productive, loyal, efficient, produce high quality work and of course an increase in your business profits.

Below are some factors that might be affecting your employees’ performance and the growth of your business.

Poor Management and Leadership

Leaders and managers play a critical role in defining the direction, purpose, priorities, goals, and roles of its workforce. Having an ineffective leader affects the employee’s productivity, and ultimately the business bottom line. Having managers that cannot demonstrate a clear example of living the company’s mission, leads to confusion and incoherence. It will affect productivity, as your employees who are in a state of confusion will not be able to translate expectations into reality.

Lack of Motivation

For you to get the best performance from your employees, you should make provisions for some sort of motivation beyond the monthly pay check. Motivation can come in the form of financial incentives, opportunity to get involved in company projects, or recognition for a job well-done. Don’t leave your employees searching for reasons to give their maximum effort to the business.

Lack of Communication and Feedback

Lack of communication in a workplace can frustrate employees and make them feel unimportant. Failure to provide effective feedback can lead to wasted efforts, increased error rates, and lower productivity. You need to develop communication and feedback mechanisms with your employees to ensure that the communication gap between the management and the employees are filled.

Personnel Factors

Hiring unsuitable personnel can affect productivity. The right individual should be selected for suitable posts and given proper training and development. Avoid hiring people who will not add value to the business.

Drive engagement by making your employees understand that they are integral to your company’s big picture and also that the company has invested in them, this will motivate them to give in their best.

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