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Offshore Helideck Assistant (HDA)

Looking for exciting career opportunities? Check out our guide on how to become an Offshore Helideck Assistant!

The Job

An Offshore Helideck Assistant is responsible for supporting landing and departure of helicopters carrying personnel offshore to installations or vessels in a safe and timely manner.

Under the supervision of the Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO), the HDA typically carry out routine helideck operations such as maintenance and testing of helideck systems and equipment. He also assists with passenger embarkation and disembarkation, as well as transferring freight and passenger baggage to and from the helicopter when it has landed on the helideck of an offshore fixed or mobile installation/vessel.

Entry Requirements

To kick-start a career in this line, you will need to get basic certifications to work offshore and to operate an aircraft. Formal education is not mandatory but will be an added advantage as well as a certification from an accredited flight school.

Getting certified will automatically launch your career as an Offshore Helideck Assistant. Then your experience, performance and advanced training will push you to the next level.

Training and Certifications

First off, to be a helideck assistant you must go through specific and general offshore training. Such as:-

• Helideck Assistant Certificate (OPITO Standard)
• Basic offshore induction and emergency training (BOSIET)
• Offshore Medical Certificate
• CA-EBS etc.

There are institutions that provide these training programmes both within and outside Nigeria.

Here are some approved training institutions:
OPITO Nigeria
AIS Training (Heli Deck Assistant)
FALCK Prime Atlantic
CHARKIN Maritime & Offshore Safety Centre
Joe Marine
Oil Train

Career Progression

Progression in this career is mainly driven by individual performance, professional expertise, and completion of advanced professional qualifications. After you have attained the Offshore Helideck Assistant role, you then move up the ladder to become a Helideck Team Lead then Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO). You can also choose to digress to other careers in the industry or even own your own fleet of helicopters depending on how determined and ambitious you are.

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