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Relocating For A New Job? Here Are 9 Tips You Must Read!

Just landed a new job in another city? Congratulations!

Moving to a different city can be very stressful and will pretty much give you cause to worry, despite the excitement of getting that big job opportunity. The stress of looking for a place to stay, moving your family with you if you are married, a new job with no friends, no family to hang out with or even parties or occasions to attend. It is worse if you are an introvert or not the type to mingle fast and totally hate starting anew. You have to make yourself comfortable and accustomed to the new environment, get acquainted with new people and possibly build your social life from scratch.

If you are not thrilled with the idea of packing up and moving to a new city, the following tips will help make the transition way easy and less boring:


Here is your checklist:

Find out if your company offers relocation benefits

Some employers offer assistance or financial benefits to cover moving expenses. Before you accept a job offer in another city, ask if such benefits exist and negotiate a better deal if possible. If there are no provisions made for that in your contract, make sure you are comfortable with footing the expenses on your own before signing that contract.

Check out the place

Though it will take time getting familiar with your new abode, do a lot of research, if possible travel to the place weeks before and look around. When choosing a house, check its proximity to your place of work and how you are going to commute to and fro. Make a list of things you need to make yourself and family if any, comfortable and inquire about the availability and cost of getting them.

Make travel arrangements

You can hire a moving service if you have a lot to move otherwise make other arrangements on how you will move yourself to the new place. If you would be flying, ensure you find out the flight coordinates and understand the airline’s policy with regards to moving a large number of things or what travel containers will be required. Decide what goes with you and what to leave behind or sell off.


Here is your checklist:

Set up your utilities

Make sure all utilities such as electricity, gas, etc. and everything you need are all in place.

Leverage on your social media connections

Social media is fast becoming a lot more by the day. It is a virtual community that has enabled a lot of people to make new connections, friends and even form e-families. This is a good time to reach out to your virtual friends who reside in the new city provided you have a good rapport with them.

Step out alone

This one may be a little bit difficult to implement if you are an introvert. Find out about the latest events in your neighborhood and make plans to attend. Dress up, smell and look good then step out. Chances are you will make one or two connections before the end of the day. Be sociable, walk up and introduce yourself to people. Mingle without acting creepy.

Make friends at work

Since work is the primary reason you are in the new city, be warm and friendly to your new colleagues. You can look for people within your age range. Secure that invitation to the after-work late-night hangouts on Friday if any.

Reach out to your neighbors

You have new neighbors, don’t you? Throw a housewarming party and invite your new neighbors to come around. If you are not comfortable with the idea of a party, then just walk up and introduce yourself to them. This will create an avenue for new relations and you can easily ask your way around.

Don’t forget your friends and contacts from your former city

Yea you are exploring the new city, learning new things and trying to find your feet. However, that does not mean you should forget about your old pals. Make an effort to keep in touch and visit if and when you can. Relationships no matter the distance is worth keeping, you don’t know when they might come in handy.

Happy Moving!

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