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Robots Are Coming For Human Jobs – Are Your Skills Enough To Keep You Employed?

They are coming for your job …..only a few will be spared in the imminent robotic revolution! What skills are you acquiring to stay competitive in your field?

According to experts, by 2030 robots will take over 30% jobs worldwide. We are already seeing this take effect as new technologies are emerging – self-driving cars, domestic robots, personal assistants. Machines are getting better at things like crunching numbers, remembering things, finding patterns, lifting heavy objects, and moving with precision. What more in 10 years’ time?

These machines will do more routinized work. Jobs like reception, paralegal, accounting, back-office transaction processing and virtually any job that is repetitive or easily learned will be taken over by robots. Therefore, people will only be needed to do the work automation and AI cannot do. The only way to beat these bots is by upgrading your skills or finding new ones.

If you are still sitting on your desk doing mundane work, crossing your legs and fiddling with your phone every 5 minutes and at the end of the month you pick up a paycheck, then be prepared to kiss that job goodbye when the bots come for it.

Here is how to find the right skills to avoid being replaced by a bot:

Acquire Soft Skills

Soft skills will thrive more in the era of powerful technology. To beat a robot, you need to be more human. Robots no matter how advanced they are, lack social intelligence and human touch. These limitations will prevent them from out-thinking humanity. Skills like communication, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking will always be in demand. Make effort to cultivate them.

Find Ways to Do Your Job Better

The basic way of doing things will be targeted by robots, to survive this, come up with new ways to do the job better. For example, if you are a travel agent, you know there are already apps that enable people to make travel arrangements with ease. To make yourself stand out, you can enhance your services, come up with fantastic travel ideas or plan the one-of-a-kind vacation your clients will love.

Go Beyond Your Normal Work Routine

Get more involved at work. Take on more stringent tasks and new projects outside your regular work activities. Doing this will make you stand out.

Get IT skills

The first obvious way to avoid competition with technology in the job market is by being an inventor yourself. Pursue more tech-related careers like programming, computer science etc.

Consider Careers in Sports and Arts

This is one of the areas that bots will not be able to master. Imagine having 20 or more robots running around on the field trying to score a goal or a robot trying to bring an idea to life. Yikes! Not interesting at all. So if you have the talent, consider taking up any of this career path.

Cultivate essential human abilities and you won’t have to worry about robots replacing you!

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