All around the globe, 24hours of every day, 7days a week, during 52weeks a year, logistics is concerned with getting products and services to where they are needed at the precise time desired. It is difficult to visualise accomplishing any marketing, manufacturing or international commerce without logistics.

Therefore, logistics means movement (transport) of products and services from the point of manufacturing to the point of consumption (PDM) at a very low cost.



Supply chain Managers, Logistics Managers, Distribution Managers, Transport Managers, and Administrative Managers / Officers.



At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

»    Set goal and objectives for effective Logistics management/PDM

»    Manage the relationship between logistics and customer satisfaction

»    Achieve effective timely delivery of products to customers/destinations

»    Manage the drivers

»    Consider the financial aspect of logistics/PDM



     - Goals and Objectives of Logistics Management/PDM.

     - Overview of Logistics Management/PDM

     - Logistics/PDM and Customer Service

     - Warehousing Management and or with Outsourcing Facilities

     - Inventory Management and IT support

     - Transport Management, Managing 3rd party Transport and Outsourcing

     - Journey Management, Route Planning, Tracking Systems etc

     - Managing the Financial Aspect of Logistics/PDM

     - Understanding the Psychology of Drivers

     - Materials handling Systems


Date: 30th August

Location: 2 - Ostra Hall & Hotel, Lagos   |   1 - Royal Tropicana Hotel, Abuja  |  MAAS Central Hotel, P/ H

Course Fees: N105,000 + VAT

Training Provider: Human Capital Associates


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